Clear Braces For Straighter Smiles

Clear plastic braces for adults and teenagers

Once upon a time, cosmetic dentistry was largely about making persons' teeth whiter; however, there are now many more procedures that can be done to correct a person's smile. These include dental implants, dental veneers, and now, a new form of user friendly braces that will hopefully encourage many more people to wear them in order to straighten their teeth.

Clear Braces

My research began in the East Midlands, where you are fortunate in that you are able to get excellent clear braces in Derby , or in most of the major towns in Derbyshire as well as Nottingham and Leicester. Most of us can probably remember the old style metal braces and thankfully, these look absolutely nothing like those and in fact resemble the type of teeth whitening trays that can be bought over the counter. The difference with these is that they are custom made to fit the patients teeth exactly and can be worn throughout the day. The only time that they need to be removed, and easily can be, apart from sleeping, is when they are taken out for eating and cleaning purposes. The fact that they can be removed whilst eating is a big plus as this prevents any food particles becoming stuck as happened quite frequently with the old metal braces. This was known to regularly lead to tooth decay amongst other things.

Unlike traditional braces however, these clear braces are not really suitable for younger children as their teeth will still be developing. They are, however, ideal for adults who would almost certainly refuse metal braces. As the name would imply, they are made from a clear plastic that conforms to medical standards and are difficult to detect when being worn. This is a major benefit as it helps to increase confidence when smiling or laughing and confidence has been regularly shown to boost a persons chances in life, whether in the work place or in a relationship.

How much do invisible braces cost?

As with all cosmetic dentistry procedures, these do not come cheap. Although prices are slowly coming down due to competition and availability, the cost can be fairly significant although prices can vary widely from dentist to dentist. The good news is that most dentists now offer plans which allow you to pay over a period of time to help you manage your finances. So if you are unhappy with your crooked teeth and are wondering if you can do anything about it, ask at your local cosmetic dentist about their clear braces, you may be surprised at how good these new braces are.