The 'tooth' of Christmas past....

....or what to do if you crack a tooth this Christmas

OK, here’s a little story about what happened a few years ago. I’m now approaching my early fifties and things had generally gone pretty well. I had my looks as well as most of my hair and my teeth were in pretty good condition. They could do with being a bit whiter but other than that they were great.

And then Christmas came and along with it, extra alcohol and sure enough, I thought (in a slightly inebriated state) that my teeth were strong enough to crack open a brazil nut. Guess what … they weren’t!!

There was a sickening noise as I realised what I had done. Thankfully it wasn’t too painful but a quick look in the mirror revealed what I already knew, one of my front teeth had snapped in half. I was dismayed when I saw this; I could have lived with some damage to a rear one as long as it didn’t hurt and was functional but this was a front teeth, one which would be very visible to everyone unless I kept my mouth shut; something which I don’t have a reputation of doing.

As soon as I was able to make an appointment, I headed to my dentist who discussed the various options of crowns and caps as well as removing it and replacing with a partial denture. He felt that the tooth was probably too weak now to survive for long and it may be better to do something more permanent at this stage rather than risk pain.

He also mentioned dental implants as an option even though he does not do them himself. He suggested Alexandra Dental Care for implants who are fairly local and offer this treatment amongst many others. I was a little apprehensive as I’ve used the same dentist for many years but I thought it was at least worth checking them out.

I arranged to meet with the dentist there who explained the procedure to me. I have to admit that initially, the thought of having my jaw drilled didn’t appeal at all and made me feel pretty squeamish. He gave me some literature to take way to read though which I did and after watching a few YouTube clips and reading others experiences I decided to bite the bullet (not literally of course) and have it done.

I have to say that it was nothing like as bad as I’d expected it to be. There was a little discomfort but that is to be expected and that wore off fairly soon after. Probably the period between the implant being put in and having the crown placed was the worst and especially the need to eat soft foods became a bit of a pain after a while but I got through it (and I should have learned a lesson from biting that damn nut!).

Anyway, after the crown was fitted it looked great and felt good too, almost like a real tooth and with no fear of it falling out or becoming loose. I would certainly not hesitate to recommend having one of anyone loses a tooth and would be happy to recommend Alexandra Dental care too.