Mind the gap (in your teeth!)

Options to correct gaps in the natural tooth line

Some people claim that having a gap in between the front teeth is ‘sexy’; however, this presumably is when there is a small gap only and certainly not a gap left by a missing tooth! Most people would certainly not find a gap caused by a missing tooth sexy at all and this is why many people visit their dentist each year to see what can be done about it. Thankfully, there are several options that are available to remedy the missing tooth and give you back your full smile along with the full functionality of your teeth once more.


A dental bridge is a common method to fill in the gap caused by a missing tooth. In most cases this is a fixed bridge which is attached by the use of crowns either side of the gap and a solid crown placed in between them. This is then fixed into place using dental cement. Another option is an adhesive bridge which does not involve removing any of the healthy teeth either side as is the case with a fixed bridge. This procedure called the 'Maryland Bridge' is available at top cosmetic dentists such as Alexandra Dental Care in Burton.

Both of these bridges will last for around ten years if good care is taken of them.

Dental Implants

In most cases, a dental implant will be the best solution to replace a missing tooth, as once in place it becomes exactly like a tooth and will feel entirely natural and fully functional as well as lasting for a minimum of twenty years, and most likely many more, if taken care of. There is no problem with them becoming loose like dentures and you can eat and talk exactly as you would do with your natural teeth.


Dentures have been used for many years for this purpose and are certainly one of the cheapest solutions. However, dentures do tend to become loose and can be quite problematic and awkward; especially in social situations should it become loose.

If you have a gap in your teeth and want to have it closed, then the best option is to make an appointment to see a cosmetic dentist who will advise you of the options available and make a recommendation based on your discussion and circumstances.