The UK or Overseas for your dentistry?

New dental tourism options are catching on

Over the years, most people in the UK have become accustomed to visiting their dentist twice a year for check ups and perhaps the occasional treatment. Increasingly though, it is becoming difficult to register with an NHS dentist, leaving many people with the only option of going to a private dental practice.

Whilst, generally speaking, people are happy with the dental care provided by their private dentists, they are often not so satisfied with the significant increase in prices that come with it. Even for minor dental care such as check ups or fillings, the amount can be quite significant.

Imagine their shock then, when the dentist recommends a treatment that comes under the category of ‘cosmetic’ but is often much more than that. Treatments such as dental implants for instance, can cost well over £1000; well beyond the reach of many people’s budgets.

So, what is to be done if you do actually need a procedure such as this, rather than simply just wanting it in order to improve your appearance? It would appear that the only option is to find the money from somewhere, even if it means taking out a loan.

Increasingly though, people are choosing not to do this and instead are travelling to see a reputable dentist abroad in one of the many countries that are now offering cheaper dental care. A lot of these dentists are also setting up total packages which include not only the treatment but also travel both ways and usually excellent hotel accommodation which gives you a great opportunity to relax after the treatment.

The range of countries in which you can have this dental care is growing too and a wide variety of destinations in countries such as Hungary and Poland are offered. This means that you can choose the type of break that you feel will help you to recover quickly; whether that be by some shopping therapy in a city centre or a walk along a warm and inviting beach.

Whichever you choose though, it is of course advisable to check that the dentist abroad that you are intending to visit is fully qualified and has a good reputation. You may be able to find forums where people can recommend a good dentist. Generally speaking though, if you use a little common sense, you should be able to find an excellent dentist who will perform the procedure in a skilled manner and at a significantly lower price than most in the UK will do.

A lot of dental practices abroad now also have arrangements with UK dentists for the aftercare of their patients. This is important, as, with any medical procedure, there is always a small possibility of things going wrong and needing aftercare. By having this arrangement, it means that you can visit a relatively local dentist rather than having to travel abroad once more at extra cost to yourself which may well negate the saving you made by going abroad in the first place.

Whatever destination you choose for your dental treatment though, there can be little doubt that a holiday and a new smile will make you feel much better about yourself, which in itself is something of a bargain.