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Latest dental procedure to replace missing teeth

There are very few of us who manage to go through our lives without tooth loss to some degree. Most of us will lose at least one tooth during our life time and quite possibly more. The good news is that there are a number of decent replacements now for lost teeth including both dental bridges and implants.

With new dental technologies becoming available almost daily, there are now some very good and efficient methods of bringing a smile back to people's lives. These include dentures, bridges and dental implants, all of which work well, the suitability of each depending a lot on the individual.

Dental bridges are one of the most popular and offer a great solution as they look and feel very much like normal teeth. They also last for a good period of time and once fitted, you can forget about them as they are fixed permanently in your mouth. With a dental bridge, this is used to replace a missing tooth with a false replacement one and then this is anchored to the existing adjoining teeth and replaces the unsightly gap which was previously there caused by the missing tooth. Porcelain is by far the most popular material used in creating the replacement tooth due to its strength and also due to the fact that it closely resembles a tooth in appearance.

The more gregarious amongst us may also choose to have gold replacement teeth. Whilst this is naturally a very strong material, its visibility is perhaps not to everyone’s taste. It is possible of course to have cheaper replacement teeth used in bridges, with plastic being one possible alternative material. Inevitably though, this material is not as strong and will have a shorter life span than porcelain. It will also not look as natural and may not closely match your natural teeth colour.

To attach the bridge, in order to replace the missing tooth, the persons adjoining teeth will have to be filed a little to enable the bridge to be attached to them. Once the replacement teeth have been produced, they will be fitted into the mouth using the bridge. Whilst a standard dentist can perform this procedure, if you live in the East Midlands like me, you are likely to get a better result by visiting a good quality dentist in Ashby such as a cosmetic dentist. This will ensure that you obtain the best possible result.