The Services of a Cosmetic Dentist

How to search out a great cosmetic dentist in your area

Dentistry has come a long way in the last twenty or thirty years. New procedures which have become established have become the norm for creating a wonderful new smile. No longer either do these procedures entail anything that might be deemed as brutal or painful.

With the advances of local anaesthesia, no pain should be felt during any procedure, although by its very nature, there is the possibility of some soreness once the anaesthetic has worn off. There are many procedures ranging from the very simple such as a tooth whitening procedure or bonding, to the more complicated such as dental implants or an all on four procedures. According to a top cosmetic dentist in Burton Derbyshire, the most popular treatment today is the tooth whitening one.

This is a straightforward procedure which will not break the bank and can make you look several years younger in the space of an hour. Having this procedure done at a cosmetic dental practice will be far more successful than using a kit in your own home. In cases where discolouration is too severe for this treatment, many opt for the next stage up and have veneers fitted to the front of their teeth. This will also bring instant results and can also be used to close gaps in the teeth and to straighten them if they are crooked. If a tooth is slightly chipped, even though it doesn't affect the person's eating habits, it can be unsightly and make the person reluctant to smile or laugh.

Depending on the severity, dental bonding may be used to even this out and make it look a lot better. Technology of course, has played a huge part in the advances in dentistry and many things that would once have been sent away to a laboratory to be made, such as crowns, can be made within the space of an hour or so, using computer generated images. This is obviously more convenient for both patient and dentist and will speed up the whole process. In the use of the materials themselves, where as once it was easy to spot a 'fake' tooth, many are now made from porcelain and can be coloured to match the rest of the teeth in a patient’s mouth and therefore make them look entirely natural. So, if you are insecure about smiling and would like to correct your crooked or discoloured teeth, contacting a local cosmetic dentist is a very good place to start.