The fast way to replace loose dentures

A new 'all on 4' procedure can offer a full set of new teeth in one vist to the dentist!

For people who have lost a number of teeth or have teeth that are in pretty bad shape that will need fixing before too long, the dread of dentures awaits. Perhaps it is for this reason that many people delay the inevitable as long as possible, sometimes at the expense of pain even.

Even for those who do have dentures fitted though, the misery is not over. Dentures can be quite uncomfortable, causing soreness of the gums as well as becoming loose as the jaw changes shape due to bone loss caused by not having any natural tooth roots in them.

Of course, once you have dentures, you will not be able to eat normally again or to speak and laugh freely without fear of them rattling around in the mouth.

However, a revolutionary new procedure is on hand that eliminates these problems in one swoop in a straight forward procedure that can be done in a single day.

In many ways, the ‘teeth in a day’ procedure is a very simple one which involves the placing of four dental implants into the jawbone which are then used to secure a fixed bridge into place. It is the special angle at which the two rear implants are placed which allows such a small number of implants to be used.

Although this procedure does involve drilling into the jaw to place the implants, this is not as unpleasant as you may imagine and a short period of slight discomfort will provide a hassle free long term solution for your lost teeth.

There are many dentists in London who can perform this procedure so take a look around and arrange a consultation to see if this is ideal for you.

Once the bridge has been attached to the implants you are free to leave the dentist with a new set of teeth which will look natural and after a short period of settling in, will feel entirely natural too. Your new teeth offer the advantages that dentures simply can't. For example, most denture users tend to eat softer foods as they have little confidence that eating harder foods won't dislodge their dentures. This limits their enjoyment of food. Dentures wearers also loose a portion of the taste of food often making it a chore to eat rather than an enjoyment.

Having teeth that not only look natural but which you also feel confident that they will remain in place will also give you extra confidence in your life and enable you to enjoy your social life and not fear laughing in case your teeth fall out.